June 2020

Tuff City Records – Aaron Fuchs


Tuff City Records: Interview with Aaron Fuchs




Aaron Fuchs



Fat Lace Magazine » Tuff City Records (Part 1): Interview with Aaron Fuchs.

Meeting Aaron Fuchs on his home turf is like walking into a hip-hop museum. For any serious observer of rap history it’s quite simply what dreams are made of. We’re talking goosebumps as soon as you enter the building. As Aaron told us “one of the DJ’s from Jurassic 5 spent hours in here”. This, however, wasn’t our inaugural visit to hip-hop Mecca. Any followers of Fat Lace will remember Aaron’s appreciation of Spoonie Gee back in Issue 4. He opened the doors to us when their office was located further uptown nearly ten years ago. So here we are again and they’re still going strong. Tuff City has to be one of the only original rap labels still in business and remaining true to its mission. It’s fascinating that the label who introduced many to the Cold Crush Brothers, Spoonie Gee, The 45 King, Grandmaster Caz, Lakim Shabazz can be in business to this day selling reissues of those original 80’s gems. The first thing that is thrust into our hands as we enter the office is a vinyl reissue of Priority One’s seminal album. As you’ll read in the interview with its founder, a lot of foresight as well as some damn good luck have also played a part in the label’s modest success. As for Aaron Fuchs, he’s like a hip-hop time machine, able to recount endless tales of rap’s origins placed eloquently in the context of musical history. Speaking to him is also a fascinating insight into the rise and fall of the music industry as we once knew it, particularly from the stand point of a staunchly independent and musically passionate stable. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we let you into the Tuff City vaults but there just isn’t enough time or space to tell all the stories in one go. Enjoy the experience through our eyes.

Source: Fat Lace Magazine

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