May 2020

hip hop fashion

Jamel Shabazz Intv & Portfolio – Okayplayer

Jamel Shabazz is already something of a legendary figure in the following categories: photography, hip-hop culture, education, style, swagger and elegance. The fact that it is his image which adorns the cover of undun, the conceptual novel-in-album form that...

A Distinctive Style

  Hip hop fashion is a distinctive style of dress originating with the African-American youth living in New York City and Los Angeles. Each city contributed various elements to its overall style seen worldwide today. Hip hop fashion complements...

KRS The Making Of Criminal Minded

Making of the Moment: Criminal Minded KRS-One is both known for dropping jewels to cultivate minds and dropping bombs to blow minds. The Bronx bred hip-hop pioneer has lived up to both his titles — The Teacha and The...

Ultimate Breaks & Beats

1986 was rap’s first truly explosive year, when the still-nascent genre began to expand and the previously unheard of became possible: Run-D.M.C. went triple-platinum, the Beastie Boys became rap’s first white superstars, the Juice Crew/Boogie Down Productions “Bridge Wars”...

Snatchin’ Cazals

Hip hoppers always have the knack for being the first to be “up” on things – fashion included. If you look back in history many garments and accessories have become synonymous with hip hop music for example KANGOL hats,...

The History Of Adidas Superstar

“”MY ADIDAS””…. The iconic Superstar sneakers were introduced in 1969 as a low-top variety of the Pro Model shoe. It went on to become one of the major influences in both basketball and hip-hop culture. Its unique design elements...