July 2021


Synthetic Substitution – Melvin Bliss Doc

Sample This (Incredible Bongo Band)

Benji Blunt – Adidas Hipology Custom Shoe

The Art of Rap

Graffiti pioneer “Stay High 149” R.I.P.

Visioneers – Hipology (album review & listening)

DJ Mean Gene (The L Brothers)

Red Alert signs off Kiss

Beat Master Marley Marl

Benji Blunt x adidas Superstar

20 Songs That Sample Herbie

Originators of The Mixtape

Casually Rocking The Kangol

SP-1200 The Art & The Science

The Boombox Project

Behind Some of Dilla’s Greats

Planet B-Boy (2007)

The Birth of Planet Rock

Spectrum City – (Early Public Enemy)

1988: Roger Linn Designs the MPC60

Tuff City Records – Aaron Fuchs

Jamel Shabazz Intv & Portfolio – Okayplayer

Dust and Grooves – Rare Vinyl Digging

Tommy Boy’s Silverman Talks Business

The Arthur Baker Connection.

Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest

The Beatnuts: Still Off The Books

When Did Reggae Become Rap

A Distinctive Style

Bobby Robinson (1918-2011) Unreleased History

KRS The Making Of Criminal Minded

ESG – A Disco Hip Hop Punk Fusion

Minnie Riperton’s Adventures

The Story Of Wild Style

DJ Pete Jones

New York’s ‘United Nations of graffiti’

Half Man Half Machine Mantronix

London Tube Graffiti Writers

D.I.T.C. Leaders Of The True School

Ultimate Breaks & Beats

Hip-Hop Timeline 1970-1989

The History Of Breaking

Top 10 Most Sampled In Hip Hop

UK Hip Hop DJ’s Biznizz & Pogo

Aerosol Originals: PHASE 2

Jazz And Hip Hop Can They Really Mix?

Snatchin’ Cazals

Kool Herc’s First Block Party

The Hipology Of Spike Lee

Keith Mansfield funky ethics

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